Caliban and the Witch Reading Group

These are the paragraphs each of us agreed to read and comment upon for Monday January 24. 1pm
  • Group: Finish Intro
  • Group: Intro to chapter 1
  • Joen and/or Andreas: Serfdom as a Class Relation. Page 22
  • Vladas: The Struggle on the commons. Page 25
  • Camilla: Liberty and Social Division. Page 28
  • Ninna: The Millenarian and the Heretic Movements. Page 31
  • Kathi: The Politicization of Sexuality/ Page 37
  • Mia: Women and Heresy. Page 38
  • Nils: Urban Struggles. Page 41
  • Dee: The Black Death and the Labour Crisis. Page 44
  • Dee: Sexual Politics, the Rise of the State and Counter-Revolution. Page 47

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