Workshop. Going Fragile 2. November 23-26

Dear all,


It’s been several months now since we met at Basso for ‘going fragile’.

A feeling for a follow-up has been in the air:

a chance to look over together the footage that was shot;

a chance to see how the week in Berlin fed into practices i.e. the Variant article,

the TV project at W&S etc;

a chance to address some of the themes of the week that some members of

Walls and Spaces raised in an email;

a chance to assess and reflect on the week in general; it’s pros and cons.


So, it’s been suggested that we meet from Tuesday November 23 to Friday November 26

at the school of Walls & Spaces, Copenhagen. Starting daily at 1pm till late.


Nils, Howard and Anthony D can be there and Mattin may well be there.

Unfortunately, Emma is not able to make it


Though the emphasis of this week may be a chance to re-cap and reflect it

could also be a chance to make something out of our experience.


We’ve attached a ‘draft’ agenda grouped into themes: Basso Review, After Basso, Towards Production & Night Moves. There’s reading suggestions too rather than a Reader. This ‘draft agenda’ is also attached as a diagram.


That’s all for now really except to put people on stand-by and give time for

non-Copenhagen based participants to consider making arrangements for the trip.


Comradely greetings


Nils, Anthony, Howard


Attached are the new mini-reader and the old reader from January 2010.


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